Blog RX Retreat
Blog RX Retreat

What We're About Together...

We met through blogging in 2010 and have consistently collaborated in various ways ever since. While we have two very different styles, our skills compliment each other perfectly. Lauren creates stunning imagery and knows how to share her personal style in an authentic way, in everything she does in business. Sharon has a passion for the "back end" of blogging and loves to connect bloggers with exciting opportunities and brands to partner with. Together we bring an insightful look into the online business world and was to help you find success. And we are fun.

And apart...

Meet Sharon

My name is  Sharon Garofalow. I make things. I eat things. I mother things. I’m all about finding cool things and sharing them with you. And you know if I am sharing a recipe or craft on my blog, Cupcakes and Cutlery, it’s going to be quick and easy. Ain’t no one got time for complicated. Everything I do is because I’m a mom. From the type of meals we eat (fast, easy, delicious) to quick beauty tips (because you have other small people to get ready and out the door too), I want to help make your mom life a little easier. But let’s be clear. Sometimes I like to be a mom, without my kids, in Palm Springs. I fully believe that moms can have lives and interests of their own and should take a break and recharge when they need to. The key is to balance it all while never losing sight of your ultimate goal; which is raising rad little humans.

I began blogging in 2008 as a creative outlet to share my favorite party products and inspiration. Over the years the scope of my blog has changed tremendously and last year, when my youngest child started first grade, I decided to turn a former (yet time consuming!) hobby in to a business. I look at blogging from a unique perspective in that I want things to looks great and be well styled, but also provide value on the back end (ie, is your SEO bringing visitors, and are you getting repeat Pinterest traffic, etc). Building a blog business is a lot of work. I want to help you figure out what is important to your goals and how to create systems that will build your presence, grow your business and bring the $$. At BlogRX, we'll dig deep and help you carve your path to the business that you want by answering these bullet points.

  • How do you treat your blog like a business?
  • How do you plan the content that furthers your brand message?
  • How do you keep your voice with bland sponsored post requirements?
  • What types of content will build your brand on each social media channel?
  • View samples of social media accounts with on-brand content to help understand what the overall goal is.
  • How do you streamline your planning and scheduling for social media?
  • How are you staying relevant in the blogging space?
  • Are there other ways to make money as a blogger? 
  • Why do you need a tribe when blogging by yourself? 

Meet Lauren

Hey! I'm Lauren Saylor, founder of A Fabulous Fete, the blog and shop. My life basically revolves around entertaining and celebrations. Over in the shop, I create things with my hand lettering like invitations, wood signs, place cards, or anything else that I can use my paint brushes and calligraphy pens for. And on the blog, there is a wide variety of inspiration, tips and instructions to creating a fabulous celebration. Traveling is my go to for a quick inspiration boost and an easy way to press the reset button on my business and life which is something we all need to keep things fresh and evolving. BlogRX was our way of showing you guys how to do the same and I'm so excited to add this retreat as just another way to inspire!

With over 6 years of experience in running my blog, multiple online shops and all of our social media channels, I bring a unique view on building your brand, from the ground up. I've worked with brands ranging from BHLDN to Pottery Barn to Tillamook and many in between, all who, even in their diverse business categories, have been interested in collaborating in the search for influencers to tell a unique visual story. I believe that on my road in building a recognizable brand, I've gathered loads of knowledge that I can pass onto individuals trying to do the same for their own online presence. In my session at BlogRX, we will go over each of the bullet points below walking you through the what, the why and how you create it for yourself.

  • What is a brand?
  • What is and how does your voice represent your brand?
  • What is and how do your visuals represent your brand?
  • How are you creating a visually cohesive brand?
  • What makes a visually pleasing image?
  • Who is your customer and how are you reaching them?
  • We will look at case studies showing you examples of each of our topics above
  • We will complete hands on exercises to help you with all of the above (i.e. styling sessions! My favorite!)
  • And much more!

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